What We did

Responsive Web Design

Woocommerce Development, Composite Product Add-Ons

Project Details


Honestroot is quite unique e-commerce application who delivers pre-portioned superfood smoothies delivered to the customer's doorstep, smoothies can be stored in freezer + blend on their own schedule. We are lucky to get the opportunity to build their online identity, the complete website design, and e-commerce development. In our initial research, we found this is quite a unique idea and we need to have enough flexibility in product purchase option, as well scheduling/rescheduling options is a must have functionality there. After few discussions in our team and client, we found Woocommerce is stand out boldly with Composite Product as the mainAdd-Ons. The user can have two options to make an order, On-Demand Smoothies or they can choose the subscription based option with desired delivery schedules, which also can be changed before 3 days prior to delivering.





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